Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Good afternoon to all my stitching and blogger friends!

I have been doing some stitching that I would love to share; first, I have a finish of a design that has the saying that I 'authored'.....I asked my dear friend Karen to please put this into a cross stitch design; she did this for me; I stitched the model, and here is the result!  It is for sale on Karen's blog for $5.50............please be sure to check out her blog!  www.sunshine-stitchesdesigns.blogspot.com

The piece that I have been working on and hoping to finish soon is my Lizzie Kate, ABC Lessons.  I have been 'egged on' by my friend Meari, after ruining the first one that I had started a while back; this is the second start for me!

I have just begun my final sampler of the Country Seasons by Prairie Schooler.  I am doing Autumn and will have an update later in the week.

The weather here is really beginning to feel like Fall, and I am happy to have cooler temps!  Won't be long and the holidays will be upon us!

Until next time,

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Karen said...

Great design that you & Karen came up with!! And I love the L*K piece - me and 2 friends did that one (or the one that is similar to it - I forget now) for a friend's 50th birthday :)