Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wow, this is my second update in one am cleaning my craft room and am purging all my stash.  Everything I have collected is brand new; with the exception of charts I have used, and most of them have been passed along to other stitchers.  I came across the Coca-Cola Girl Series, I, II and III.  I am posting a photo and if anyone is interested in them, I will sell them for six dollars ($6.00) a piece; or three for eighteen dollars ($18.00) Email me at if you are interested.  I will only take money orders.  I have a Paypal account but it is not linked to my bank.

I have been MIA for a while again; I know I should update sooner than I do, but I like to have some things to post.  I am a slow stitcher and am working on several things.  Today, I will show you a RR I am working on and an SAL freebie from SunshineStitches.

This is the freebie Christmas in July SAL on Sunshine Stitches blog.  There are twenty small squares about one inch by one inch!  A very quick and cute stitch!

This is my friend Mary's RR; I did the two turtle doves.  It is a Prairie Schooler 12 Days of Christmas which is now OOP.

This is my friend Lynda's RR she chose; I did the motiff that is to the far left; there are ten of us participating and I will try to post each one as they are completed~

On another subject; Butch and I went to our friends Tim and Karen's home in Gaffney SC for a few days R&R; due to a personal issue in the family (with our oldest DD, who moved home) we just needed some time away, and we missed our chance to visit last year because of the hurricane that was on top of us here in Newport News, VA.  We had a wonderful time; Karen worked on her designing; we stitched, and she took me to Spartanburg that Saturday for a day of shopping!  We hit B&N and met another stitcher friend, Teresa, who was visiting her mom and family; then we hit Hobby Lobby, Joanns and Walmart! LOL.....had a great time.

Butch and Tim did fishing on the lake, tried to fly Butch's remote control floater plane; and golfed while were were are a couple of photos! 

You will see a view of the lake across the street from their property; Breezy, one of their darling pups; two of Karen's gorgeous Rose of Sharon being pollenated; and the infamous Gaffney peach...LOL......with the (hemrroid)  as it is called! LOL

Next time, I will have more photos and my latest 'reads' stay tuned.