Thursday, November 11, 2010

More Photos of Branson

The last of the photos.  Also, I have not posted for a bit as my dear hubby had surgery on October 27th, so things have been a bit hectic in the Vermeire household.  Before I left for Branson, which I was leary to do, I had lots of family and friends who offered to take good care of him!!!  I really needed this Branson break! LOL


Mor on Branson

Obviously, I made a boo boo after posting a photo of the ESC gals in Branson.

My BFF and I left Newport News, VA on November 3rd; flew to Atlanta and then to St. Louis to meet our friend Kim.  She drove the rest of the way to Branson for the retreat.

Without going into loads of detail, our condo was set smack in the middle of the Ozarks and lended itself to a beautiful view from our 4th floor balcony.

The stitching room that Cecilia's Samplers set up was fabulous.  Each day we were welcomed with loads of free goodies and they always had loads of snacks.  They provided us with a $100 GC to the shop or you could have them kit up things for you prior to the retreat.  Needless to say, I sent mine, plus some! LOL We made a trip back to the shop every day; it was only about five minutes from our resort.

The 'strip' in Branson as it is known is wonderful; looks like Vegas!  Loads of shows to be seen, and other shops and restaurants.  We even went to a store in downtown Branson called Dick's Five and Dime! LOL......great place.

There were six ladies from my stitching group that attended!  It was me, Laura, Debbie, Karen, Anita and Becky.  We enjoyed each other's company immensely and were glad that we had the opportunity to finally meet!

I am going to post more photos for all to see!


Retreat in Branson MO at Cecilia's Samplers