Wednesday, October 31, 2012


We have had a horrendous last few days with Hurricane Sandy upon us; we live in Newport News, VA in the Hampton Roads Area.  We fared very well considering we did not lose our power at all, which is very unusual.

Also happening in our lives, my DH had surgery on October 15th to remove a large malignant mass which was identified as a Gastrointestonal Stromal Tumor.  Thank the Lord they got it all; it was not affecting any other organs except the stomach; they had to remove a small portion as it was attached.  He will be doing chemo, BUT he is fortunate enough to be able to take the chemo pill, which works very well with this type of tumor.  All in all, we are blessed and are looking forward to a good prognosis.

NOW, on to my stitching!  I have been working on several projects.  I am involved in a SAL, a RR, and doing some things for 'me' also participated in two different exchanges.  In addition, I managed to make four pair of Halloween earrings!

These are the earrings; two different pair of ghosts and one pair of bats! to make some for Christmas.

This is the scissor fob that I received from Pam on my group Every Stitch Counts.  Below is the one I made for her!
This is the fall exchange I did for my stitching friend Franny in another one of my groups.  I hope she likes it!

This is the RR square that I just finished for my dear friend Kathy in ESC.  Now, on to Debi's.  I will post that one when finished.

This is a lovely exchange that I received from my stitching friend Donna, of CSF..............she did a great job!  I love it all.
I do have some works in progress that I will get together later and post.  I am working diligently on everything!  Of course, my things get put on the back burner when I have stitching obligations.

One more thing!  I bought this corner cabinet from my neighbor's yard sale for $25!  Butch is putting in new shelves so I can 'hide' away my stitching things I normally keep all over my stitching area in the living room!
I hope everyone liked my little bit of an update!  It seems it takes me a month or so to get back to my blog!  I hope everyone else in Sandy's path is okay; was quite a storm!  Let's hope and pray we don't have another like it!!!

Until later, happy stitching!