Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas Ornies Made From Spools

These are ornaments I made from wooden spools; I bought the banding and stitched very small Christmas items; glued the banding on the spools; then I cut ribbon and fed through the hole in the spool, attaching beads on each end of the ribbon.  I was going to put knots in, but the hole in the spool was too large, so dear hubby got out the trusty old glue gun and finished them off for me..........he is a doll!  He even sews.... 


January 7, 2012

Today is the first chance I have had to update my blog.  I am working a temp job most likely until the end of February.  

I do have an update on my Lizzie Kate ABC Lessons that I am doing as an SAL in my group, Every Stitch Counts.  This year I will also be involved in a few other Amish, Angie Designs, Lavender Blue, a small heart sal, and a Prairie Schooler, Christmas Village.  When I am not working on these, I will be working on another PS, Country Seasons, Autumn Sampler, the last of the four seasons, a Georgia O'Keefe, Amaryllis, for our youngest daughter, Linda Meyers, Quilt Sampler IX, which is a Christmas sampler, and a couple of other small pieces.  I do have more than enough to keep me busy this year.  OH, I forgot, I do want to do one of Joan Elliott's pieces also; either her birdhouse or one of her oriental ladies.  

Here is the LK ABC Lessons: