Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Hi to all my stitching friends.  I was at my friend Meari's blog this morning and she was inquiring as to how we store our floss!

Actually, I have tried several methods over the years, but now, I store mine in Stanley cabinets, the ones you find in the hardware section of Walmart.  The drawers are the perfect length, and I use the small color stick-on dots to indicate what color numbers are in each drawer.  I usually store about six colors in each one; however, I am debating whether to get more cabinets and thin out the colors.  Sometimes I have several of one color and the drawer becomes full quickly! LOL..............

How do you store your threads?

All of my specialty threads are stored in plastic, see through shoe boxes labeled on the top of each box; I have full sets of GAST, WDW, CC, Carrie's Creations.  I love using the hand-dyed threads.

Friday, October 1, 2010

My Schoolgirl Sampling Work in Progress

The weather here has been awful; tropical storms for the last three days and everything is saturated; I have been sitting cozy in the house stitching away on my sampler; this is my work in progress as of October 1.