Friday, May 27, 2011

As Promised

This is a photo of MY pillow that Carein stitched for me; she did a marvelous job too!

May Update

This will be a longer update, since I have not posted for a while; the first photo I am posting is a pillow, made for my BFF, Laura, in another stitch group' exchange.  We each gave our partner what saying we wanted put on the pillow.  This is what she requested:
 The quilted fabric in the background was used to back this pillow.  I was quite pleased with how it turned out; I am just learning different finishing techniques.  I will locate the photo of my pillow sent to me by my friend Carein later.  For some reason I cannot locate it in my pictures.

The second photo is an update of my work in progress of Prairie Schooler's Summer Sampler.  I only have to finish this one and do the Autumn and the four seasons will be finished.  I plan to frame them all in one frame.
Among my other loves are crochet and knitting.  This is a photo of the few discloths or facecloths that I have made so far.
While housecleaning my spare room, I found the very first afghan I crocheted.  My mom taught me how to make the Granny Square.  This piece is now 46 years old! LOL
I saved the best for last! see, I have this blogger friend Meari?  She is always finding geat bargains where she lives in Illinois.  Well, here in VA, I NEVER find anything great.....until today.  You would thought I had won the lottery...hehehehe......I went bargain shopping with my friend Liz at the DAV Thrift Store.  Lo and behold, I came across some cross stitch charts....older ones, but in great shape.  I grabbed those up and $2 and some odd cents later, I owned these charts.  One is a Prairie Schooler that may be OOP....not sure yet, have to check it out......I was thrilled!!!!  So, you see Meari, there is still hope for me! hahahaha!!!!! 

This last photo is of one of my Chihuahuas, Kia.  She has my crochet thread wrapped all around her head, as she insists on being in my lap when I do anything.  Peanut, the baby, is snooping around in my charts.
I hope that all my blogger friends have a wonderful holiday weekend.  If you picnic, vacation, or just celebrate at home, please stay safe.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all my friends who are Moms and Grandmoms!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday, May 2nd

Hi there to all my stitching friends!  Can you believe it is already May?  Where does time go?

The photo here is a crossword phrase that a dear stitching friend and 'sister' created just for me; she also did another for me that says, 'Our Family is a Circle of Love' and then names my family members.  She is doing this for the members of my stitch group.  I thought this was a lovely, generous gesture on her part.

Currently, I am stitching a pillow with my exchange partner's favorite stitching phrase; I have almost finished the stitching and then will sew it into a pillow.

I also have several SALs that I am working on; plus pieces that I am doing for myself for my stitching goals this year.  Wish me luck; this is the first year that I have really 'rocked' with my stitching! LOL.....I would love to know how so many of you manage to stitch such large pieces in such a short time!  Do you all have bionic hands?  LOL

Well, that is all for now; will try and update you with more stitched pieces later.  I do have a gift or two that I want to post photos of later.