Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday, my quiet time!

This is my other darling little Chihuahua, Peanut; she is NOT so little, though......fourteen pounds!

Here are my works in progress I have been promising.  The first is Joy by Stitchworks; it uses a combination of DMC and WDW threads.  This has been a fun stitch.
Next is my It's 5o'clock Somewhere!  I am using the WDW Linen, 20 count.  The color name escapes me at the moment...LOL  This one is for my boss.

The next one is Grandma's Wildflowers.  This is a much older kit I had bought when first getting into cross stitch.  It was put out by Imaginating and Diane Arthur is the designer.  It is worked on Fiddler's Lite with DMC and has buttons to put in the center of some of the flowers.  You can add your grandchildren's names at the bottom.
The last work in progress for now is my Prairie Schooler Autumn Sampler.  The other three seasons are finished and should be on this blog.  I hope to have it done shortly, then will frame all four.  I have a unique way to frame them in mind.

Well, that is about all for now folks!  I will be stitching more and updating more projects!  Thanks for looking at my blog.

Sue, Kia and Peanut!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Hi all my stitching friends!  It is Friday, the 27th and here it is almost the end of April; where is our year going?

As you can see, our one little Chihuahua loves my yarn when I am crocheting dish cloths....LOL......Kia, is a little mess..........

I will take a couple of work in progress photos in a little while and post them; one is It is 5'O'Clock Somewhere and the other is Joy by Stitchworks.  I am sending my LK pillow top and fabric posted previously to my friend Carein in Arkansas to put together into a ruffled pillow.  I am not real good at finishing things off just yet, but I am

Both of my eye surgeries were a wonderful success!  I can see so much clearer and sharper; it is a 'new world' out there for me now.  I am back to stitching on my smaller counts but have not had much stitching time this week.  I plan to do quite a bit this weekend.

My grandson is coming this evening for a 'sleepover' says he loves our home.  Bless his heart; he is a dear and we have so much fun.  His brother and Dad are going to Boy Scout camp and Mom and Hanna are going to Hanna's last volleyball tournaments of the year.  Tomorrow, he and I will go shopping, of course! LOL.....Bookstore, and Target.....his two favorite places.

Well, better get moving so I can take a couple of updated photos!  I am also getting ready to start a RR in my stitching group, Every Stitch Counts!  I will take a photo of the sampler I chose for my can let me know what you think.  Until later!


Monday, April 9, 2012

A New Stitching Update

A very happy Easter Monday to everyone; again, it has been a while since an update.

My eyesight has suffered from cataracts and I finally had the one surgery this past Thursday.  WOW, it is like have a brand new eye.  I now have 20/20 in my left eye and everything is clearer, brighter and is unbelievable what a new lense in your eye will do.  The second one happens on the 19th, and who knows?  I may not need my reading glasses any longer.

I finally managed to stitch a larger project before surgery; when I say larger, I mean fabric count.  I did Bless Our Home by Lizzie Kate on 7 ct. Klostern.  I bought a nice piece of quilted fabric with matching colors for a pillow.  A good friend will put this together for me with a ruffle.  I am not good at

My Lizzie Kate ABC Lessons is almost complete.  I am going to concentrate on finishing that one up this week or next.

I also started a piece by Stitchworks; Find Your Joy and Go There...............

I also received a wonderful gift from my friend Jan; she is crocheting necklaces with beads!  She sent me a pink one for my granddaughter Hanna, and she made me a beautiful white/red biscornu.  She knows that red is one of my favorite colors!

Enjoy the photos; until next update.

I have decided to update more often, even if it is only a few stitches!  I hope all my 'stitchy' friends had a wonderful Easter.