Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hot Weather in Newport News

Whew!  Today is a hot day here in Newport News, VA and if this is any indication of what our summer will be like, I will be inside stitching most days.

Today, I actually started yet another stitching project.  I will post works in progress as I go; it is called The Tree of Life by Abi of The Stitch Specialist.  I chose to use 20ct. Daffodil Lugana over two, which makes it a 10ct. size.  It is big, however, with it having several specialty stitches, it will make it much easier to see and work the piece.

I am using DMC 610 for the trunk of the tree, and Threadworx number 1148, Romanian Forest.  I think this will compliment the fabric nicely.

Hopefully, sometime tomorrow I can post a photo.

I am wishing everyone a very good evening, which I hope includes some stitch time!


Shari said...

send some of the heat this way....we are still in the 30's here & everyone is sick of it!!!! We are all ready for spring...everyone you talk to!

Sue said...

I will do that! It is better today! in the 60's....more Springy...LOL............seems like lots of the Midwest is still getting snow too!