Saturday, January 15, 2011

Update on Angel of Cross Stitch SAL

Hi everyone; Last weekend, I stitched a little on my AOCS in which I am doing a SAL with a couple of other ladies.  I will be stitching on her certain weekends out of the month, and then moving on to another SAL, which I will post a progress of later in the week.

I am also just about finished the stitching on my first ornament in the 2011 Ornament SAL in my group, ESC.  I signed up while in Branson at Cecilia's Samplers for her year of ornaments.  This one is for January.  Stay tuned for an update.  I have decided how I will finish this one off, so that will come later.

Here is the Angel:  not much done, but this is HUGE!

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Shari said...

hey, every XXXX done is one closer to the finish!!!!! It looks great thus far!!!