Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Beautiful Stitched Picture

My dear friend CC, 'my Joy' stitched me this beautiful picture.  I will treasure it always CC! 


Debra said...

That is beautiful! You lucky girl.
Your question from my blog, incase you don't receive the email I sent.
I do have some small beaded ornament for sale in my etsy shop. But I haven't done the large beaded ornaments yet for sale. I am first doing family, then I'll make some for sale.

Mylene said...

What a beautiful piece!!

Meari said...

That's awesome, Sue :)

Sunshine said...

Looks Good Sue, CC did a Great Job.

Sue said...

Thanks ladies! I think CC is an awesome person; not because of the picture she stitched, but she is such a kind, compassionate and caring individual. Always thinking about others and putting her trials and tribulations aside.